When Royalty visited the Dublin slums.

Come Here To Me!

A contemporary illustration of a Royal visit to the slums of Dublin. A contemporary illustration of a Royal visit to the slums of Dublin.

This above illustration from 1885 captures a rather surreal moment in the history of inner-city Dublin, when the slums of the city were visited by none other than the Prince of Wales, Prince Albert Edward. He would later visit the poor of Dublin again on a Royal visit in 1903, although on that occasion he had risen to the role of King. His 1885 visit to Golden Lane attracted huge media attention at the time.

The visit of Prince Albert Edward in 1885 was not universally welcomed, and Dublin Corporation voted by 41 votes to 17 against participating in the official welcoming of the Prince to Dublin. Yet while Dublin Corporation were rather hostile to the visit on the whole, one individual who seized upon the presence of the Prince in Dublin was Sir Charles Cameron. Cameron held…

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Institutions and Ireland: Law, Punishment and Accountability

Irish Criminology Research Network

Institutions and Ireland will attempt to reframe debates surrounding such structures and address conceptual concerns that stretch back centuries and across disciplinary and national boundaries. Over a series of three one-day workshops in 2016, we will start an enduring conversation about the different institutional structures which have contributed to the makeup of Irish society.

The next conference deals with Law, Punishment and Accountability:

  • 7 June 2016
  • Trinity Long Room Hub Arts & Humanities Research Institute
  • Trinity College Dublin

Keynote speaker: John Lonergan, former Governor of Mountjoy Prison

In recent years, legal institutions on the island of Ireland have investigated a series of institutional failures. The Ryan Commission, the Murphy Commission, and the Saville Inquiry—to name but a few high-profile examples—have probed the relationship of the citizen to educational, religious, and military institutions. In turn, these investigations have been subject to analysis from academic, political, and cultural institutions, as well as…

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>Search Results justice delayed is justice denied « Oconnellpadd13′s Blog « Oconnellpadd13’s Blog

Oconnellpadd13's Blog

>Search Results justice delayed is justice denied « Oconnellpadd13′s Blog « Oconnellpadd13’s Blog: “’READ MY LIPS,THERE IS NO ‘PROACTIVE ADVOCACY’ FOR CERTAIN PROFOUNDLY DEAF PEOPLE IN IRELAND?’THE REASONS PROJECT?JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED?”NOW MARCH 2011?’FROM 2003 to 2011?DISMAYED?”””

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Prisoners beyond the walls: prisoner rights, release, and continuity of care

Exploring the history of prisoner health

Dr Oisín Wall introduces his research project which explores the relationship between prisoners and the outside world as it was mediated by different organisations, from prisoner rights associations to the healthcare system.

The relationship between prisons and prisoners in the lead up to, and after, their release offers an insight not only into the lives of prisoners, but into society more broadly. This theme examines the organisations and structures that have attempted to manage the welfare of released inmates and promote health related prison reform in England and Ireland. The narratives and social networks that are formed through these systems are central to the provision of welfare for released prisoners while also constructing broader discourses about released prisoners.

This research will focus on three examples of welfare provision and reform. The first will compare the activism of paternalistic organisations, like the Central Committee of Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Societies (1880-1918), to…

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Separate Confinement and Insanity at Mountjoy Convict Prison, Dublin 1850-55

The RUC widow left with a collusion legacy

Patricia Devlin

Published in the Sunday World (March 25, 2018)

IT’S been over 40 years since Rosemary Campbell was left a heartbroken widow.
But for the 84 year-old nothing has changed since the day her Catholic RUC husband was murdered by loyalist paramilitaries.
That’s because the grandmother has been left with a collusion legacy where walls of silence still exist, and an unwillingness to open the dark doors of the past remains intact.
No-one will tell the Co Antrim woman, left to bring up eight children on her own, that her husband’s death did not involve paramilitary-linked RUC colleagues.
Her long-held belief unshaken despite the lack of conclusive evidence made available to the Police Ombudsman, and more recently, being “let down” by the PSNI.
She told the Sunday World: “Three years ago PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton visited me in my home.
“He had not read the file into Joseph’s murder and…

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Where the Sweeps Millions Go


The disturbing secrets of the world’s most extraordinary lottery

By Joe MacAnthony

First published in 1973, Joe MacAnthony provides the original article that broke the story of the Irish Sweepstakes. Although over 7,000 words the story was ran in it’s entirety due to fears that the close relationship between the Irish Independent’s owners and the organisers of the Sweepstakes would mean a second part would never make it to publication.

Following months of investigation into the Irish Sweepstakes, it can now be established that Irish hospitals are receiving less than 10% of the value of tickets marketed in their name throughout the world by Hospitals Trust (1940) Ltd.

From interviews with the U.S. Postal Department and with police across Canada – where most of the tickets are sold – it seems clear that more than 90% of the value of tickets entered in each draw is being written off, mainly…

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Overhaul of conflicts of interest promised in 2011 – The Connexion

Oconnellpadd13's Blog

Overhaul of conflicts of interest promised in 2011 – The Connexion: “A new law, which will be debated this year, should define clear legal ‘obligations of probity, impartiality, objectivity and integrity in public servants’, said the report.”?

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Juveniles In Portlaoise Prison In The 1960s.

Oconnellpadd13's Blog

TDs Wallace and Daly in court to support criminal Leon Wright who was cleared of assaulting a prison officer
Leon Wright

Tom Tuite
19/10/2016 | 18:44
A violent criminal has been cleared of assaulting a prison officer when he was searched for weapons.

Leon Wright (28) of Donore Avenue in Dublin 8 remained handcuffed and flanked by five prison staff wearing riot gear for his district court trial on Wednesday.

Wright, who claimed he was beaten by prison officers, was supported in court by Independent TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly who took notes of the proceedings from the public gallery.

After the defence raised questions over the credibility of prosecution witnesses and evidence, Judge Alan Mitchell said that having viewed the CCTV evidence in particular he was dismissing the case.

He also said that he was going to direct that the Court Service would prepare a copy…

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Henchico – Dublin’s early underworld kingpin

Come Here To Me!

(In terms of crime and Dublin, we’ve previously looked at 18th century gang violence; Joy-riding in Dublin from 1918-39; War of Independence bank-robberies; the 1920s ‘Sons of Dawn‘ who were rounded up by the IRA; Animal Gang violence in 1942; vigilante violence in Dublin (1970 – 1984)  Bugsy Malone gangs of the 1970s and Triad gang violence in 1979) 


The 1950s and 1960s are interesting decades in relation to crime in Dublin. They are the bridgeway between the Animal Gang street violence and bookmaking rackets of the 1940s and the emergence of modern organised crime from the late 1960s onwards.

One individual who was active through both eras was Charles ‘Charlie’ Ainscough. He was better known by his nickname ‘Henchico’. A relation of his explained to me via email that the name ‘Henchico’ derived “from the mispronunciation of Liberties people of the name Ainscough”. It…

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Exploring the history of prisoner health

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