>Catholic Institute for deaf people – whats new

>Catholic Institute for deaf people – whats new: “Globally, many Deaf citizens encounter the general population’s perception of being Deaf as one of disability. This “disability mindset” contributes directly towards the exclusion and devaluation of all people who are considered “different” including those who are Deaf. As a result, Deaf citizens in many countries are still hindered and “excluded” from participation in the larger society. Many are prevented from equal access to decision making, employment opportunities, and quality education”?


>Abuse raised concerns only when a threat to congregation Brutality and dire conditions in climate of fear

>Abuse raised concerns only when a threat to congregation Brutality and dire conditions in climate of fear: “‘The investigation also revealed a pattern of physical and emotional bullying that made Cabra a very frightening place for children who were learning to overcome hearing difficulties.’
The report said that the provision of good facilities was no substitute for an environment that protected and cherished the individual child.
‘Swimming pools and recreation halls are of little value if children are frightened, bullied and abused.'”?THE REAL REASONS PROJECT?

>Vote 1 for Peter Byrne, Socialist Equality Party candidate for Broadmeadows

>Vote 1 for Peter Byrne, Socialist Equality Party candidate for Broadmeadows: ““Accords” in 1983, workers have been continually told they must demonstrate wage “restraint” and make “sacrifices” to keep their jobs. This has led to ever greater levels of social dislocation and distress, as workers and their families are faced with intolerable financial pressures”

>Spanish Judges Rule Case on US Torture Can Continue | Center for Constitutional Rights

>Spanish Judges Rule Case on US Torture Can Continue Center for Constitutional Rights: “Since the U.S. government has not only “failed to investigate the illegal actions of its own officials” and, according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, also sought to interfere in the Spanish judicial process and stop the case from proceeding, this will be the first real investigation of the U.S. torture program.”?

>Hypothermia death: Calls to switch on heat ‘ignored’ | Irish Examiner

>Hypothermia death: Calls to switch on heat ‘ignored’ Irish Examiner: “She said Ms Peavoy made numerous complaints to the council and the family had contacted local Fianna Fáil TD Noel Ahern who claimed he had sent letters to the council”?So lawyers for dublin city council tried to have evidence from friends of Rachel Peavoy excluded at her inquest.The councils law officer tried to do this by quoting the”LAW”under section 30 of the coroners act, part of that act is “how”did a person die.It would be my contention that Rachel died because of a form of abuse by someone who had the power or authority to sort out the complaint that Rachel brought to their attention on many occasions as did her friends and neighbours.On the subject of abuse(which comes in many forms)a retired Garda wrote a book”Breaking the silence”in which he is quoted as saying those who presided over the carnage are still in power,that victims were let down by “Every System”the health service,the church,the gardi,etc.So now that we will have a new government in the next couple of weeks it will be interesting to see what kind of change they propose to bring about in relation to the questions put to the political leaders by the irish daily mail on my behalf about Rachael’s case.Our new leader Enda Kenny said”I was shocked at what happened and will be raising it with members of the council.It is not acceptable that a young mother can die in that way this year.Eamon Gilmore said the case of Rachel Peavoy was truly shocking ,labour has been campaigning for years for a proper fuel poverty strategy.Gerry Adams said it is an absolute outrage that a woman found dead in ballymun last year died of hypothermia because she had no heating.There are many people and communities who have already been so badly served by the political elite.unquote.My wife actually wrote a book(unpublished)called”The Despair Of Silence)so it will be interesting to see what happens to all the promises about restoring the freedom of information act,accountability,transparency,openness,etc,etc.The Reasons Project?

>Public Inquiry · NAMA fails to deny very serious allegations

>Public Inquiry · NAMA fails to deny very serious allegations: “NAMA fails to deny very serious allegations”???????

>John Barrys Blog: Ireland-Nama:Text of Letter from Richard Bruton TD to Brian Lenihan Minister for Finance August 25, 2009

>John Barrys Blog: Ireland-Nama:Text of Letter from Richard Bruton TD to Brian Lenihan Minister for Finance August 25, 2009: “Enda announced last Friday that Fine Gael does not support the Government’s approach to resolving the banking crisis. Our concerns about the NAMA Bill arise from its potentially colossal cost, from its uncertain benefits and from the evident unfairness of asking taxpayers to take responsibility for the reckless behaviour of developers and banks. In particular, we are concerned at:”?

>The doom merchant whose warnings don’t seem so far-fetched anymore – The Irish Times – Tue, Apr 13, 2010

>The doom merchant whose warnings don’t seem so far-fetched anymore – The Irish Times – Tue, Apr 13, 2010: ““By 2015 we will have seen what happens when jobs disappear forever . . .Ireland is at the start of an enormous, unplanned “Social Experiment” on how rising unemployment affects crime, domestic violence, drug abuse, suicide and a litany of other social pathologies.””?STRESS,STRESS,STRESS?

>Public Inquiry · Harney: Nothing to do with me

>Public Inquiry · Harney: Nothing to do with me: “The fault lies with bank regulators not with the government”?

>Consultant told to pay €100,000 – The Irish Times – Thu, Feb 24, 2011

>Consultant told to pay €100,000 – The Irish Times – Thu, Feb 24, 2011: “Last August the HSE signalled it planned to warn officially 35 hospital consultants that they could face sanctions for treating excessive numbers of the fee-paying patients. It has now begun issuing formal invoices to a number of consultants setting out amounts which it believes they should now pay into a special research fund.”?WHATS NEW?

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