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Fr. Niall Molloy - Unsolved Murder 1985

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The family met with the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald in early July 2015 and presented her with evidence which she described as ” Very disturbing”. We have yet to hear from her regarding our meeting.

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An Irish Social Silence?

Ireland after NAMA

Gillian Tett, in her book on the global financial crisis entitled “Fool’s Gold”, points to the concept of a social silence (a concept outlined by French anthropologist/sociologist Pierre Bourdieu in his work Outline of a Theory in Practice) as a possible factor in facilitating and perpetuating the global credit boom that eventually burst with the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. Bourdieu’s social silence, as Tett explains, allows an elite group to control society not just by controlling the physical means of production but also by influencing the cultural discourse. Crucially, influencing the way society talks about itself also influences what is left unsaid – i.e. that which is regarded as impolite, taboo, boring, or taken for granted. Such silences can arise through overt strategies, but often come about less deliberately through social conformity or shared ideology and assumptions. According to  Bourdieu, all that is required for…

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Who the hell was Noel Browne and why should we care?

Modern Distortions

The following is a piece I originally posted some time ago on my old blog. It is a summary of the life and politics of Noel Browne and the main source is his excellent memoir Against the Tide. I make no claims for this piece to be ‘proper’ history. If you are interested in learning more about Browne his own memoir is a great starting point and there are other biogrpahies on him also available.

We are often led to believe in this country that we have no history of Socialism. That it is a foreign importation and indeed this has been the way for over a century. It was Connolly himself who said in the introduction to Socialism made easy;

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The Facilitators

Source: The Facilitators

The Facilitators


By Joe MacAnthony

As described in our interview with Joe MacAnthony, the following article did not appear in the Sunday Independent in 2001.

Joe Mac Anthony writes of The Facilitators who have the means but not the will to slow and even halt the flow of scandal in this country.

All wrongdoing depends on collusion for the damage it inflicts. The individual can do harm, of course, but it is within a limited compass. An organised group like the unspeakable Gilligan gang can do a lot worse, but even then it remains largely within the borders of the local community. In the end, it is those people whose professional qualifications carry them into every important area of national life and who control the machinery on which white collar crime depends, that carry the greatest menace. If they have a mind to, they can corrupt an entire society.

Having worked…

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In media exile – Part 1


An interview with Joe MacAnthony

“Above all, perhaps, the story [of the Irish Hospital’s Sweepstake] underlines what journalism must continue to combat: censorship, state secrecy and the unwarranted power of an influential few.” [Stephen Dodd writing in 2003 in the Sunday Independent, one of only a handful of mainstream articles on the issue] [1]

In the early 1920’s, lotteries promising huge prizes and pledging support for worthy causes gained enormous popularity across the world. With no governing body or independent commission to monitor their working, corruption and fraud dogged these alleged charitable enterprises, their prizes and monies frequently disappearing.

In Ireland, the lotteries fiercest critic of the time was Justice Minister Kevin O’Higgins. He claimed to have ‘developed pneumonia from the dampness in his office caused by the tears of lottery promoters who are coming in crying about the poor and how they wanted to help them.’

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Images from the Irish Press slum campaign, 1936.

Come Here To Me!

In 1936, the Irish Press newspaper launched a major exposé of the Dublin slum problem, with articles and photographs from the slums of Dublin designed to highlight the appalling conditions many Dubliners were living in. The articles and photos sparked real discussion on living conditions at the time, and the newspaper collected some priceless oral testimonies from people living in hellish conditions. At the time, the paper claimed that 30,000 families were living in squalor in the inner-city, and it called for ‘war on the slums’.

The paper refereed to the slums as a “tragic British legacy”, shifting the blame from homegrown landlords and domestic greed, claiming that British policy in Ireland “left to the Free State its inheritance of slumdom”. This article will republish some of the shocking images from that campaign, and show how others also campaigned at the time for radical improvements in inner-city living conditions, choosing…

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