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Accountability in our prisons: Blog for Justicia +

Mary Rogan

I was delighted to be invited to write a blog for Justicia +, an organisation based in Mexico, on the globally relevant concept of accountability in our prisons. The English version is below, and the original (in Spanish) can be found here.

Accountability and the rule of law take on particular importance in the prison context. International human rights norms emphasise the need for independent monitoring, proper record keeping, and fair procedures in decisions which affect the fundamental rights of prisoners, such as family rights in the case of family visits and transfers, as well as procedural justice during disciplinary hearings. It is well established that fair procedures enhances the legitimacy of prisons, and the role of staff in these processes is essential. As the Association for the Prevention of Torture has said about the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Committee on the Convention against Torture has stated, the…

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Labour – Adding Pre-Election Insult To Injury?

British Labour Means Trouble For Irish Labour?

A few questions to ask canvassers….

Mary Rogan

A few things to ask canvassers on… penal reform

1. Do you think the prison population should be reduced?

2. Do you think our taxes are spent well on the use of prison?

3. How are you going to put an end to overcrowding in our prisons?

4. Why invest money in building prisons when you will get better results acting early in communities and with children?

Here are some much better ones from IPRT:

1. What will you do to ensure that slopping out in Irish prisons is brought to an end during the next Dáil?

For almost two decades, Ireland has received international condemnation for its failure to address this serious human rights issue; it is a national disgrace.

Useful Facts:

  • ·1,003 men were slopping out in Irish prisons – approx. 28% of prisoners – on 17th Dec 2010
  • ·Overcrowding means that prisoners who are…

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DIARY NOTICE: Prison Conditions as a Constitutional Issue (Seminar) | Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT)

Mary Rogan

DIARY NOTICE: Prison Conditions as a Constitutional Issue (Seminar) | Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT).

IPRT will host a seminar on prison conditions and constitutional rights on July 21 at 5pm in the Distillery Building.

Two very exciting topics will be discussed. First, the recent case of Kinsella in which Hogan J held that the detention of a man in a padded cell for 11 days with no proper sanitary facilities breached the constitutional guarantee of protection of the person (I will write more on this shortly). Secondly, Don Specter and Sara Norman of the Prison Law Office, California, will speak by video link about the Plata decision in which the US Supreme Court upheld a ruling that overcrowding in Californian prisons breached the Eighth Amendment and warranted a ‘population reduction order’ to reduce the prison population to 137.5% of the design capacity of the system.

This promises to…

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Prison Law at Dublin Institute of Technology

Mary Rogan

We are delighted that the School of Languages, Law and Social Sciences is the first academic institution to offer a module in Prison Law anywhere in Ireland.

I developed this module, and it first ran in 2014/15. The level of interest and engagement from students was heartening, and bodes well for the future of the subject, the legal profession and the prison system.

As Sharon Dolovich of UCLA has written so persuasively, prison law is an essential topic for law students. Our traditional courses tend to stop at the moment of conviction or sentencing. It is very rare for law students to examine what happens post-sentencing, and yet prisons are a hugely important source of public law. Classic administrative law decisions such as St Germain developed from a prison law issue.

This should come as no surprise. Prisons are places where the rule of law can be in peril, and…

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The Status of Syrian Nationals Residing in Turkey

The Disorder Of Things


I have written this blog post about three weeks ago and have been sitting on it, reflecting about it since then, I was not sure if I wanted to write yet another piece on the “Syrian refugees”. But yesterday, we all woke up to the images of two young children lying on the beach lifeless around Bodrum, Turkey, and having read some of the posts available, I felt the need to post this. This is not a happy or “cool” post. This is a post about dire conditions and technicalities on the status of Syrian nationals living in Turkey, and it should be seen as a plea for assistance, and action.

The children in the pictures were Aylan Kurdi, 3 years old, and his brother Galip Kurdi 5, who drowned along with their mother Rehan Kurdi, on their way to Kos, Greece. They were from Kobane, trying the irregular route…

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