Making our slow way out of Sinn Fein\’s moral fog –

Making our slow way out of Sinn Fein\’s moral fog –

Source: Making our slow way out of Sinn Fein\’s moral fog –

Apart from Jim Cusack in the Irish Independent, Eamonn McCann in the Irish Times and Audrey Carville and Mary Wilson on RTE, awkward questions were neither asked nor answered.?

Making our slow way out of Sinn Fein\’s moral fog –

Making our slow way out of Sinn Fein\’s moral fog –

Source: Making our slow way out of Sinn Fein\’s moral fog –

The slain garda and his son\’s long battle for the truth –

The slain garda and his son\’s long battle for the truth –

Source: The slain garda and his son\’s long battle for the truth –

“We merely want the truth, the same kind of truth that the Irish government calls for from the British government and with the British government appears willing to examine. If only our leaders were capable of adhering to the same standards that they demand of others.”

For Years, Deaf Boys Tried to Tell of Priest’s Abuse –

For Years, Deaf Boys Tried to Tell of Priest’s Abuse –

They tried to bury us

Degree of Uncertainty.

So 100,000 Workin’ Class people from all over the country flooded Dublin city with democracy all the way back in October. Nobody was expecting that. Not even Right2Water who only had a route planned up and down O’Connell St. Nobody was expecting such an intense expression of cultural identity, delivered with grace, determination and humour, unless of course you felt it. That age old feeling in the pit of your stomach. That feeling that the phrase “the people are rising” was invented for. It was no co-incidence that resistance to Irish Water was fiercest right where the FG communication clinic knew exactly what hand to play. Savages, thugs, lazy, sub-human, scumbags, scumbags who want to steal your water, then upload videos of themselves pouring it over a fixie from the iphone they just snatched.
The FG communication clinic played it well, who would want to be associated with estates like…

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Greek Tragedy – by Christos Tsiolkas (in conversation with Yanis Varoufakis), MONTHLY magazine

Yanis Varoufakis

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 15.36.01

Novelist Christos Tsiolkas (The Slap, Baraccuda etc.) wrote this piece (for the Australian magazine MONTHLY) from a Greek-Australian perspective (after the two of us had talked extensively over the telephone). Click on the photo above or…

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Stephen Rae’s Penalty Points and The Silence of Irish Media


Stephen Rae Editor-In-Chief INM Stephen Rae Editor-In-Chief INM

There has been a deafening silence within mainstream media surrounding some of the shenanigans going on between the current editor in chief of Independent News and Media, Stephen Rae and a bent police force that remains a monolithic, powerful and highly unaccountable institution. On the face of evidence and comment presented in the public domain there seems to offer a pretty tasty story to be chased. Both The Irish Post and The Guardian report that Stephen Rae, had penalty points generated by driving offences removed by the police force itself. Rae, a former editor of The Garda Review, the in-house magazine of An Garda Siochana, oversaw the sacking of Gemma O Doherty. O Doherty was chasing up a story that the Garda commissioner himself Martin Callinan, had his own penalty points wiped off the system. There’s a wang of shit of this of epic proportions. Its…

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Why Syriza Failed

The Disorder Of Things

The following was originally posted on The Current Moment, a blog exploring contemporary politics and political economy in the West. Especially for those concerned with the Eurozone crisis and the impending British referendum on European Union membership, it is a must read!

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Recent events in Greece have baffled many observers. At the end of June, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras walked out of talks with Greece’s creditors, calling a snap referendum on their proposals. It appeared to be crunch time. Tspiras denounced the EU’s ‘blackmail-ultimatum’, urging ‘the Hellenic people’ to defend their ‘sovereignty’ and ‘democracy’, while EU figures warned a ‘no’ vote would mean Greece leaving the Euro. Yet, even during the referendum campaign, while ostensibly pushing for a ‘no’ vote, Tsipras offered to accept the EU’s terms with but a few minor tweaks. And no sooner had the Greek people apparently rejected EU-enforced austerity than their…

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