1916 Proclamation in Irish Sign Language – making history a hundred years on.

Interesource Group

1916 ProclamationTo mark the centenary commemoration of the 1916 Proclamation, Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited was commissioned by the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme to lead the project and produce the translation of the 1916 Proclamation into Irish Sign Language (ISL).

This is the first time that the 1916 Proclamation has been translated into Irish Sign Language. Alvean Jones translated and presented the Proclamation in Irish Sign Language, with Nora Duggan assisting as ISL monitor.

Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited were delighted to work on this project in partnership with the Irish Deaf Society, the Centre for Deaf Studies at Trinity College Dublin and the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme. The translation will be available by the 15th March in honour of Proclamation Day, a day when all schools and educational centres around Ireland will raise the National Flag and read the 1916 Proclamation of the Republic.

Irish Sign Language is the first language…

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The Launch of the Official 1916 Proclamation in Irish Sign Language

Interesource Group

1916 Proclamation in Irish Sign Language on YouTube with optional subtitles

1916 Proclamation in Irish Sign Language on YouTube with subtitles

Download the 1916 Proclamation text here

The Irish Deaf Society, the Centre for Deaf Studies at Trinity College Dublin and Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited work closely on many educational projects and for the 1916 Proclamation Translation project, we convened a small team of translators and interpreters to work on the translation, filming and production of the text. Because Irish Sign Language has no written form, the digital version is a de facto translation: like written translations, it is highly prepared and each element is considered in terms of formality, context, meaning and political resonance. The visual quality of the translator signing has to be crisp and clear – to do otherwise renders the translation ‘inaudible’ for an audience for whom visual access is key. And access to this…

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Fr Molloy’s head bashed in with statue of a horse

Fr. Niall Molloy - Unsolved Murder 1985

In her controversial book about her father Martin Cahill ( The
General ) , Frances Cahill makes revelations about details of Niall’s
death , which she alleges, are contained in the DPP file which Martin
had access to.
She wrote

” My father recalled that the priest’s head had been bashed in with a
statue of a horse, information that alledgedly came from the DPP’s
file on the case”
“According to my father, the evidence in the files suggests that the
injuries sustained by the priest go slightly beyond banging ones head
on a bedpost”

Book Details ;


Author : Frances Cahill

Publisher : New Island

The information above was confirmed to me by another source in recent weeks.

Frances Cahill Cover

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“Love Must Prevail,” says Assange on the eve of Lauri Love’s court appearance

A reminder of a previous housing crisis.

Come Here To Me!

heme65f06f61-e621-4988-9b84-5a4df2775ae4 Fenian Street Plaque, photographed today.

At present, the city is undoubtedly witnessing with a very real housing crisis. It is by no means the first.

In 1963, over a period of only weeks, four lives were lost in Dublin when tenements came crashing down to the ground in Bolton Street and Fenian Street. On both sides of the Liffey, it became apparent many working class Dubliners were still living in accommodation that was unfit for human habitation. We’ve looked at this crisis on the blog before. It was fifty years on from the Church Street tenement collapses of 1913, an eerie reminder that for many, life had changed little. When a tenement collapsed on Fenian Street, two passing children were killed. In our 2013 post we noted:

There were scenes of anguish on the streets at the time, with the Irish Press writing that “Hundreds of Dubliners, many visibly crying, crowded…

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