“Industrial anarchist of the most pronounced type” – 1916 newspaper report on the death of James Connolly.

Come Here To Me!

1004.jpg James Connolly (From  C. Desmond Greaves biography cover)

Media coverage of the 1916 Rising is a favourite subject here, and in the past we’ve looked at how American newspapers reported on the events in Dublin. I recently found this report from the Daily Chronicle and thought it worth posting. It deals with James Connolly, who is contrasted with Jim Larkin. By the time of the Rising, Larkin was in the United States. Despite that, as you’ll see in the above link, some American newspapers managed to blame him for events, even printing images of Larkin in their reports.

There’s lots of food for thought in a recent contribution by Brian Hanley to a panel discussion of the Irish Labour History Society on the theme on Connolly, which is posted in full over on Cedar Lounge Revolution.

Here is the piece from the Daily Chronicle, published in May 1916:


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Between Truth-Telling and Doom-Saying: Sanctions and Activism

The Disorder Of Things

933This is the fourth in a series of posts on Lee Jones’ Societies Under Siege: Exploring How International Economic Sanctions (Do Not) Work. We are delighted to welcome Dr Katie Attwell, she is the Capstone Co-ordinator at Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, Murdoch University. Her book, Jewish-Israeli National Identity and Dissidence: The Contradictions of Zionism and Resistance, considers the contradictions faced by left-wing Israeli Jews trying to connect with their Palestinian Other. Ethnicity, nationalism and identity politics remain her fundamental academic interest, but she now focuses on health policy, pursuing research into how to engage with vaccine-hesitant parents. Lee’s original post can be found here. With responses from Dr Elin Hellquist here, and Dr Clara Portela here.

I became familiar with the project that would become Societies Under Siege in 2013. A mutual friend shared a conference paper by Lee Jones, reflecting on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign called for by…

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From Beirut, This Is Paris: In A World That Doesn’t Care About Arab Lives 

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

When a friend told me past midnight to check the news about Paris, I had no idea that I would be looking at a map of a city I love, delineating locations undergoing terrorist attacks simultaneously. I zoomed in on that map closer; one of the locations was right to where I had stayed when I was there in 2013, down that same boulevard.

The more I read, the higher the number of fatalities went. It was horrible; it was dehumanizing; it was utterly and irrevocably hopeless: 2015 was ending the way it started – with terrorists attacks occuring in Lebanon and France almost at the same time, in the same context of demented creatures spreading hate and fear and death wherever they went.

I woke up this morning to two broken cities. My friends in Paris who only yesterday were asking what was happening in Beirut were now on the opposite side…

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Unreported – Fanatical Starts.

Health implications of homelessness

Kids need a home

Homelessness isn’t merely cold nights and discomfort. Whether sleeping rough or in shelters, there are major health implications that come with having no home to return to. These are most visible with those sleeping rough – all the health problems with sleeping in the cold such as hypothermia and respiratory problems and infections, as well as significantly higher chances of kidney infections and bodily aches from lying on hard ground.

It is because of these issues that most homeless people, children included, sleep in homeless shelters and hostels. But by far the most prevalent health problems that all homeless people face are those we can’t see – the mental damage that is done by their situation. In a study this year of Dublin homeless published in the Biomed Central journal, researchers found that over 70% of participants in the study had been officially diagnosed with mental health problems, with the…

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Winter is coming, and children still need a home

Kids need a home

Not every 81-year-old Dubliner goes to bed at 10.30pm, has five hours sleep, and is back in his office again at 3.30am to resume operations.
That’s the quotidian routine of Brother Kevin Crowley, who runs The Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People on Bow Street, near Dublin’s Four Courts. This remarkable Friar has had two heart bypasses, but still continues to lead the centre with the same energy he had when it opened in 1969.
The numbers at his door keeping on coming, despite the speed of native economic growth. And the stats for last Wednesday alone (Oct 28th) are staggering:  560 breakfasts served, 565 for dinner, 1700 food parcels given out, and a total of 60 children attending.
The last figure is shameful. That 60 Irish kids must accompany their mothers/fathers to a shelter for homeless people to receive a free hot meal is just horrendous in 2015. Bro. Kevin…

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Interview with Brother Kevin Crowley

Kids need a home

Brother Kevin Crowley helps at the Capuchin Day Center for Homeless People, and says he is shocked with how dramatically the need for the center has risen in recent years.
Since the collapse of the Banks in 2008, the numbers attending the center have more than doubled. However, the most saddening aspect of this sharp rise in demand is the increase in the number of children attending the day center, with some less than a year old. When asked how much families attend the center daily, Brother Kevin said there could be anything up to sixty families a day coming for help.
Summertime, when kids are off school, they come in very early in the day. It is not right that a child should spend their summer holidays in a center for homeless families. There is often a worry for the people coming into the center, who feel they…

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Exploring the history of prisoner health

Prisoners, Medical Care and Entitlement to Health in England and Ireland, 1850-2000

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