Mick Wallace, Ming Flanagan and Clare Daly speaking on Father Molloy and appointment of Judges.


Mick Wallace on Judicial appointments

Fr. Niall Molloy - Unsolved Murder 1985

During the second stage debate of the Thirty-fourth Amendment to the Constitution (Judicial Appointments) Bill 2013 in the Dáil last Friday,  Mick Wallace TD spoke about unsolved murder of Fr Niall Molloy in 1985.

“A final example of what can go wrong when judicial appointments are political and when judges are too close to political parties is the case of Fr. Niall Molloy’s murder. Mr. Justice Frank Roe was appointed President of the Circuit Court just before Richard Flynn was tried for the manslaughter of Fr. Niall Molloy in 1986.

Judge Roe was a personal friend of Richard Flynn, the defendant. Despite this fact, he first decided to assign the case to himself, in an extreme abuse of the power that came with his role as President. He then withdrew the case from the jury after three and a half hours, without letting it consider any of the evidence and…

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Current Dáil debate

Fr. Niall Molloy - Unsolved Murder 1985

TD’s Clare Daly, Mick Wallace  and Joan collins have mentioned Niall’s  case this morning.

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Clare Daly TD mentions Fr Molloy in Dáil today

Garda Confidential | Broadsheet.ie

Garda Confidential | Broadsheet.ie

via Garda Confidential | Broadsheet.ie.

Garda Confidential | Broadsheet.ie

Garda Confidential | Broadsheet.ie

via Garda Confidential | Broadsheet.ie.

Replace Ireland’s repressive defamation laws with US-style defamation law which guarantees free speech for everyone


I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself

Publish and be damned? You will if you try in Ireland. No constitutional right to free speech and a libel system weighted heavily against the Press. This in a country which shed blood for its independence.

reverseferret appaluds a petition which needs your support and has started life in the dry dusuty comment pages of a broadsheet but by a tabloid, the Irish Daily Mail.  And the newspaper appears not be sniping over not being able to reveal the latest lovenest or salacious scandal but for the right for the people of Ireland to discuss openly the pros and cons of gay marriage without fear of Sue, Grabbit &Runne reaching for the quill and ink and demanding a fat cheque.

As the petition says:

”As the recent RTE ‘homophobia’…

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