‘Joy may face human rights court probe – National News, Frontpage – Independent.ie

‘Joy may face human rights court probe – National News, Frontpage – Independent.ie: “Sources in Mountjoy say there is a very serious problem with physical and sexual violence in the jail. There are also concerns about rape and sexual violence in the adjoining St Patrick’s Institution where young offenders are held.”


Man charged with Wicklow murder – The Irish Times – Tue, Dec 29, 2009

Man charged with Wicklow murder – The Irish Times – Tue, Dec 29, 2009: “Mr Dickinson’s counsel Seamus Clarke asked for him to be given protective custody in prison.
Judge Murrough Connellan said protective custody was a matter for the prison governor.”THE REASONS PROJECT?

Clerical Whispers: Priest’s testimonial refused in court

Clerical Whispers: Priest’s testimonial refused in court: ““I don’t want a reference from a parish priest. I have not time for that,” said Judge Browne.”OR TDs?

"ENCOURAGECHANGE"paddoconnell8@gmail.com: BIOA : Office of the Ombudsman (Ireland)

http://encouragechange.blogspot.com/2009/03/bioa-office-of-ombudsman-ireland.html: “If they are like the last financial regulator god help us.The three monkeys see nothing hear nothing and for gods’MONEY’sake say nothing,Class inequality.”THE REASONS PROJECT?

Victims put pressure on Irish Bishop Drennan to resign – Local & National, News – Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Victims put pressure on Irish Bishop Drennan to resign – Local & National, News – Belfasttelegraph.co.uk: “The calls come as a second damning report into cover-ups of paedophile priests is now unlikely to be issued.”COLLECTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY?THE REASONS PROJECT?

BBC News – DUP First Minister’s wife Iris Robinson quits politics

BBC News – DUP First Minister’s wife Iris Robinson quits politics: “The Strangford DUP MP, Iris Robinson, is quitting politics after admitting she is battling mental illness.”THATS WHEN YOU KNOW WHO YOUR “TRUE”FRIENDS ARE.

Minister admits some mental health hospitals should close – National News, Frontpage – Independent.ie

Minister admits some mental health hospitals should close – National News, Frontpage – Independent.ie: “A MINISTER admitted yesterday that some of the country’s mental health hospitals were in an appalling condition and needed to be shut down.”AND THIS IS WHERE THEY PUT PEOPLE WHO HAVE GIVEN YEARS TO VOLUNTEERING IN THEIR COMMUNITY,WHEN THOSE SAME PEOPLE FALL ILL FROM THE YEARS OF STRESS AND STRAIN ENDURED BECAUSE OF “THEIR”NEED TO HELP OTHERS.OUR UNHEALTHY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES?

YouTube – The Case Against McQuaid

YouTube – The Case Against McQuaid: “Utterly disgraceful and sinful what these men of the cloth, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and any other individual who sat in Dail Eireann, the Garda Siocana and the Judiciary are guilty of; so lets organise something and demand that everyone of them are brought to justice for their criminal acts on defenceless children now”AMEN TO THAT.THE REASONS PROJECT?

Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?

Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?: “I read an article once by prof.John Dillon who said special interest groups would thwart any national debate on serious crime that might focus on their inadequacies?It would be interesting to hear auxl.archbishop Eamonn Walsh view on that”IT WOULD HAVE BEEN?THE REASONS PROJECT?

Public Inquiry · What’s new?

Public Inquiry · What’s new?: “At last and about time too.It is refreshing to see that the crusade for justice and truth is comeing from the liberties in the form of father Martin Dolan of the saint nicholas of myra parish francis street dublin 8.This is one of many inner city parishes that have been neglected and abused in relation to constitutional and other rights for decades,Fr.Dolan states according to the gospel that”other people should be put first even if that means your personal reputation or position is at risk”he goes on to say ,people wont challenge one another and they wont point out what they see as wrong(TURNING A BLIND EYE)and thats “PRECISELY” what allowed all of this(ABUSE)To happen in the first place.unquote.So should institutional arrogance or the establishment take precedent to an individuals rights?Are ordinary citizens truly able to exercise their rights if they dont have the money to do so?”THE REASONS PROJECT?

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