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The Return of Gulliver

Come Here To Me!

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Dublin’s Millennium celebrations. The milk bottles remain, and so do the memories.

Among the most enduring images from 1988 are those of the giant Gulliver who was beached on Dollymount Strand, before floating on the River Liffey. An impressive “fibreglass, aluminium and plywood” tribute to the central character of Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver was the work of Macnas, the much-loved Galway street performance company. It was a fitting tribute to one of Dublin’s finest writers, the great satirist Jonathan Swift, in a year that celebrated all things Dublin.

MS18_Gulliver_1988 (1) Gulliver on the Liffey (Image Credit: Dublin City Photographic Collection, Dublin City Council)

In January 1988, it was reported that the relatively new Macnas (they were founded two years earlier) intended to “travel to Dublin in March and liaise with different communities to capture volunteers all willing to help build the massive Gulliver model.”…

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Wedding guests not interviewed

Fr. Niall Molloy - Unsolved Murder 1985

Garda documents record that “there is no documentary evidence to show that the guests who attended the wedding  in July 1986 were canvassed or interviewed”

Gardai neither sought or were given a list of the people present during the wedding celebrations.

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ENCOURAGECHANGE.: Public Inquiry · Unanswered questions

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ENCOURAGECHANGE.: Public Inquiry · Unanswered questions: “SO HERES A SPECIFIC CASE OF HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE THAT WAS BRUSHED UNDER THE CARPET,”you must rember that Susan Denem now supreme court judge once sat on the garda complaints board”A YOUNG PROFOUNDLY DEAF MAN WAS BEATEN TO A PULP WHILE IN GARDA CUSTODY,TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY HE WAS GIVEN HIS RIGHT TO A PHONE CALL}now i dont know how many members of the public who ever heard a profoundly deaf person on a phone”BUT A PERSON DEAF FROM BIRTH FROM RUBELLA”who is in a high state of distress is not a very nice thing to listen too on the other end of the phone or anywhere else for that matter,he still suffers to this day from that beating one of a few he recived,from the so called few bad apples in the gardi.there is good and bad everywhere but those with…

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Truth Will Prevail.

Varadkar said that “nobody should attempt to use the shield of legal advice, process or pending inquiries to avoid answering these questions”.

He added that the government owes Maurice McCabe a full and unequivocal apology for the treatment he endured at the hands of gardaí, state agencies and government departments.

Catalonia is not the problem

The Irish Republic

No, the problem is Spain, or more precisely, the Spanish political class as represented in politics by the PP, the PSOE and Ciudadanos. The latter two parties have supported Mariano Rajoy’s PP and its policy of squashing Catalonia’s limited autonomy and have enabled the passage of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to put that into effect.

Every effort made by the Catalan President and parliament to engage in dialogue with Madrid so as to find a solution to the crisis has been imperiously spurned. The so-called ‘king’ of Spain (what a ridiculous medieval construct that is!) has rowed in on the side of the PP, causing great offence in Catalonia not least for his tacit endorsement of the actions of the storm-troopers sent by Madrid in to halt a democratic process — the independence referendum.

But the problem is also the EU. Every appeal by the Catalans for a vindication of…

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IACP Names Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Europe

Catalonia: Imagining The Republic

The Irish Republic

After a day spent watching events unfold in Catalonia via social media as the paramilitary agents of Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy used jackboot tactics to disrupt a democratic process – the October 1st independence referendum – I went to bed with some crucial words from Catalan President Carles Puigdemont occupying my thoughts.

Puigdemont, speaking on TV, indicated an early declaration of independence based on a 90% ‘Yes’ vote in favour, and concluded by saying that an independent Catalonia would ‘take the form of a republic’. That, to my mind, is a critically important statement of intent. There are a number of reasons for that.

The intent to create a republic represents a clear break with the Spanish constitution which is that of a monarchist state, and a clear rejection of the authority of Spain’s constitutional court which is not independent but is politically appointed by the Madrid government whose authority…

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Bizarre – Official document records Doctor’s notes about death of Fr Niall Molloy

Fr. Niall Molloy - Unsolved Murder 1985

A document which I and a Solicitor have recently seen which was written by a medical doctor states that he had been told about the circumstances of Fr Niall Molloy’s death.

I am not going to go into all the details at this stage but the Doctor’s statement is  recorded at 3:15 p.m. on the 8/7/85.

The Doctor  entered in his notes “Bizarre story ratified by checking again”

He twice mentions in his notes ” Murder of Priest ”

The Gardai were not notified of Niall’s death until a phone call was made to local Sergeant at about the same time

Bill Maher

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