He made millions from heists, armed robberies and drugs, but today this criminal godfather has just €3.50 in his pocket

Patricia Devlin

dunne-young A young Christy Dunne

By Patricia Devlin

CHRISTY ‘Bronco’ Dunne was once the King of Ireland’s criminal underworld who made millions from heists, armed robberies and trafficking drugs

Today he lives in a Co Dublin council flat with just €3.50 in his pocket. The man who pulled off Ireland’s first Tiger Kidnapping certainly is living proof that crime doesn’t pay.

The 79 year-old has long left Ireland’s criminal scene, dominated by the deadly Hutch-Kinahan feud, but Dunne isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on today’s guntoting gangsters.

“My brother Larry was right when he said, ‘if you think we are bad, wait to you see what’s coming next’. He was very prophetic. There is less regard for life now among people – all people.”
Dunne adds: “There’s a subculture all over Ireland now kids that don’t know their arse from their elbow.
“They only know what they learn on the street…they…

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  1. 11/01/2018 at 9:05 pm

    SIXTEEN children are being detained in adult prisons in the capital, the Sunday Independent can reveal.
    The Irish Youth Justice Service (IYJS) confirmed that on January 7, three boys were “held in remand” in St Patrick’s Institution and 13 boys were “held under sentence” in Wheatfield Place of Detention.
    All are aged just 17.

    Although the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs James Reilly is “committed” to getting children out of adult facilities, newly developed units to detain the late-teenage offenders at the National Children Detention Facility at Oberstown, Lusk, in North Dublin, are not ready yet.
    In response to a recent parliamentary question, Minister Reilly said: “Ending the practice will be met when the extension of the Oberstown campus results in the transfer of responsibility for 17-year-old boys.”

    The revamped complex, costing an estimated €50m, has been under construction since September 2013, and will deliver six new residential units. The opening of the first three “will be achieved as early as possible in the New Year”.
    Meanwhile, the IYJS also confirmed that a total of 38 boys – and no girls – are being detained in the three children detention schools all located on the Oberstown campus. These are Trinity House School and Oberstown Boys School, both providing detention places for boys up to 17 years old, and Oberstown Girls School for girls up to the age of 18.

    In 2014, a total of 168 boys and eight girls were remanded or committed to the schools. That’s down slightly on the 179 boys and 12 girls held in 2013.
    The average age on arrival was 16 years and “no child can be sentenced for a longer period than an adult for the same offence”. Under Irish law, the age of criminal responsibility is 12 years and a “child” is defined as a person under 18.

    However, detention is only imposed as “a last resort” as authorities seek to reintegrate the child through diversion programmes and other community sanctions.

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