Cormac Lucey

Cormac Lucey: ” However Alan Shatter did have a choice over who he should ask to carry out that inquiry. He could ask the Garda Commissioner to order an investigation into allegations of wrong-doing against his own force. Or he could ask a well-qualified outside body – such as the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission – to do the job. Given the seriousness of the allegations and the fact they centred on charges of Garda wrong-doing, it might seem strange for Minister Shatter to turn to the Garda Commissioner to carry out the investigation. But that’s just what he did.”?ALSO IN TODAYS IRISH DAILY MAIL 25/5/2013.MR LUCY ASKS ABOUT SHATTERS ABUSE OF OFFICE…AND HOW GARDI KEEP TABS ON TDs SECRETS?SO IF A CONSTITUENT WAS LOOKING FOR HELP FROM SUCH TDs WHAT DO THEY THINK THE OUTCOME WOULD BE?THE SAME OUTCOME FROM A JUDGE WHO WAS GIVEN DISCRETION BY A SUPER WHO COULD BE PROSECUTING A MOTORING OFFENCE AGAINST AN ORDINARY JOE SOAP BEFORE SAME JUDGE?

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