Paddy Confronts Banker Cabal « Shane Ross

Paddy Confronts Banker Cabal « Shane Ross: Yes, buried at the bottom of Appendix 3′s list of authors of the report are the names of two bankers. Above them, three central bankers and 16 civil servants are listed. The group was chaired by Declan Keane, seconded from elite accountants KPMG — which happens to be auditor to AIB.?


Coalition moves to ease rift with commission after Howlin rebuke | The Irish Times

Coalition moves to ease rift with commission after Howlin rebuke The Irish Times: The other members of the Commission are: Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly; Comptroller and Auditor General John Buckley; Clerk of the Dáil Kieran Coughlan; and Clerk of the Seanad Deirdre Lane.?

Irish » Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 17.10.11

Irish » Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 17.10.11: In a press release this week, DeafHear a national organisation working with
Deaf and hard of hearing people objected strongly to a decision by the
Referendum Commission not to have any sign language presentation in its
Referendum television campaign?

Referendum 2011

Referendum 2011 Ireland

Referendum 2011 Ireland: The Constitution is important. It defines the characteristics of the State, gives validity to our government and legal system and sets out the standards which all State activity must meet. It belongs to the Irish people, not to the political or legal system. It was enacted by a referendum of the Irish people and can only be changed through a referendum of the Irish people?

Howlin’s criticism of commission head ‘a disgrace’ – The Irish Times – Mon, Oct 31, 2011

Howlin’s criticism of commission head ‘a disgrace’ – The Irish Times – Mon, Oct 31, 2011: He quoted Dr McMahon as saying it was not possible to state definitively what role, “if any”, the courts would have in reviewing procedures adopted by Oireachtas inquiries. “The chairman of the Referendum Commission used, as far as I was concerned, the two words which caused confusion,” the Minister said.?

Open Letter on Referendum Commission Failure – Indymedia Ireland

Open Letter on Referendum Commission Failure – Indymedia Ireland: The intervention of the European Commission, which is unlawful under European law, as the Commission has no function in relation to the ratification of new Treaties, something that is exclusively a matter for the Member States under their own constitutional procedures;?

Howlin criticises Referendum Commission | Irish Examiner

Howlin criticises Referendum Commission Irish Examiner: In a statement this evening the Commission said it regretted that Mr Howlin “personalised” the issue by criticising Chairman Bryan McMahon over the Commission’s explanation of the proposed referendum to voters?


ENCOURAGECHANGE.: Daingean: “The published report contained no reference to the practice. Peter Berry, secretary of the Department of Justice, deemed that such disclosure would have caused ‘a grave public scandal’.”MORE CONCERNED ABOUT A SCANDAL(PUBLIC IMAGE)THAN WHAT WAS GOING ON?

Brutal slaying of a garda and the sinister Haughey gun plot – News, Frontpage –

Brutal slaying of a garda and the sinister Haughey gun plot – News, Frontpage – A document written by Peter Berry, the Secretary of the Department of Justice at the time, noted he had received reliable information that Jock Haughey, Charles Haughey’s brother, had travelled to London with Martin Casey, in November 1969, for the purpose of buying the arms from the Parker-Hale armoury.?

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